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Company Overview

CEO Greeting

Green Company that thinks of Customer Safety and Convenience. Beautiful world, Green it up!

Welcome and thanks a lot your visiting to our website.
Since starting business in 1990, we have been proud of our continued growth, establishing a solid technology and a transparent management base,
and fulfilling our mission and role in the development of automotive inspection and maintenance equipment.
We specialize in automobile inspection and maintenance equipment, and we are doing our best to satisfy our customers with One-Stop Service from design,
production, development and post management.

  • Study and development

  • Growth of people

  • Always consider customer value

Through technological and management innovation, we are practicing customer satisfaction management that gives the best satisfaction to our customers.
And, we are setting much value on people of talent and constantly innovating the company.

All employees are striving to become a company that returns profits to society in fair competition.
We will always do our best for our customers with a humble attitude and will continue to make changes so that we can leap into a good company that everyone recognizes.
We would like to ask you to keep watching us with love about continuing to change into our company with the highest value.

Thank you.